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Wiesław Wałkuski was born in 1956 in Białystok, Poland. He started his graphic design education at the Warsaw Academy of Art which he attended for 5 years, during the period 1976-1981. He studied under several design lecturers including Maciej Urbaniec who lectured in poster design and Teresa Pągowska who lectured in painting. At the end of his studies he was employed by Polfilm and Film Polski to produce artwork and cover designs. During this period he also worked with visual studio publishers and numerous theatre groups producing artwork for productions. In 1987 he commenced his career as a freelance graphic designer.

Today, Wiesław Wałkuski has more than 200 posters to his name and he continues his work as a poster designer, an illustrator and a painter. He lives and works in Warsaw. His works are presented at major Polish and international poster exhibitions including some at The Weidman Gallery in West Hollywood.

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