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Without title

Jaroslaw Kukowski (Poland) - he was born in 1972. He has been painting since youth. His public debut was in the Gdansk "Stara Laznia" Gallery in 1994. In his early works it is possible to notice the attempt to analyze the world and life against psychological background. The artist's work is directed towards the in-depth study of human nature. His work is the world of surrealistic creatures, which disturb the spirit of sensitive observer. In his work we can notice the grotesque and mockery of imperfections of life, and sense the signals of danger and threat. His view on life sometimes seems to be very drastic and exaggerated. Death, conflagration, disaster are frequent elements of his artistic reality. The work presented refers to the process of creation but it can be noticed that during the painting process emotions and impressions go beyond the artist's initial vision and such painting could have a number of titles. Kukowski is a master of drawing, he works in a classical way, he paints by scumble. He does it very skillfully. There are symbolic elements in his work, which can trigger contradictory reactions of the audience.

Pęknięte Serce

Tower of Babel II-The Union of European Socialist Republics

Aurelia's Dream

Without title


Troskliwy pasterz zwany Słońcem Peru, prowadzący na zielone wyspy swoje lemingi

Globalne ogłupienie, czyli smutny koniec pięknej baśni pisanej przez szalonych ekologów

Fresco no. 10

Good Night

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